Thursday, August 25, 2005


I am sad to tell you that Jeff Chapman passed away on the evening of 23 August 2005. Jeff was diagnosed with cancer in December 2004: he was told that he had about two months to live. Jeff and his new wife Liz determined that they would try to live as normal a life as possible for the remaining time: thankfully this was for considerably longer than the original estimate.

Jeff Chapman joined Moorshead Magazines as a student intern in February 1996 and originally spent much of his time working on Pets Magazine. However, during his time with Moorshead, the company began researching the market for a genealogy magazine and Jeff's duties were switched to help with this research. Jeff completed his internship before a final decision to launch Family Chronicle was made but once the company decided to go ahead with the new magazine we asked Jeff to join the staff on a full-time basis. He had been with the company ever since.

Jeff worked on Family Chronicle and was heavily involved in the launch of History Magazine in 1999. In 2002 Jeff was appointed Editor of History Magazine and shortly after this additionally took over the day-to-day operations of Family Chronicle.Jeff will be remembered for his integrity, high intelligence and meticulous attention to detail. His near obsession with accuracy, consistency of style and excellence in language made us all better at our jobs. Jeff's standards gradually became the hallmarks of the company that continue to this day.

Jeff is survived by his wife Liz.


From: From Halvor Moorshead, publisher
Family Chronicle & History Magazine

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