Friday, August 12, 2005

Returning family bibles

From: Monalisa
I have in my possession a family bible printed in 1828 with family information in it that I would like to give to the family. What would be the best way to accomplish this?

I have done some research on this family and know there are several who are researching this line. I do not want to get into a squabbling match between researchers. My only desire is to let someone have it who will truly treasure it and not send it to eBay or something. I have no connection to this family.

If the researchers cannot decide who should have it, would donating it to a historical/state/religious archives be the simpler answer?


Ol' Myrt here has several comments:

-- Its entirely possible that the researchers will not squabble. When we assume the best, people tend to rise to the occasion.

-- The cost of the bible should be nothing more than the mailing expense. This isn't a case for the highest bidder, as you note would happen with eBay.

-- Scanning the family pages & putting them on the web makes the documentation available to all researchers. has free space. Pick the most likely state/county, and go from there. Be sure to keep an eye on the right to privacy of living individuals.

-- Consider donating the family bible to the appropriate state archives or historical association (assuming the later has a library or museum for display.)

Perhaps my readers have more suggestions?
Happy family tree climbing!
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