Thursday, September 01, 2005

ACROSS MY DESK: Dollarhide's NY Census book at printer

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New York State Censuses & Substitutes
From: William Dollarhide 9:42 am Wed, Aug 31, 2005
I am very pleased to report that my new book is at the printer, scheduled to be ready to ship on Sept. 5, 2005. A couple of blogs over the last six months have mentioned this book, but after several rewrites, editorial tweaking, corrections, and many, many new items added from New York’s expert genealogy people, county historians, county clerks, librarians, and professional genealogists, the book is finally ready. New York State Censuses & Substitutes is a thorough examination of New York’s State Censuses and added Census Substitutes and Selected Name Lists. The book’s back cover describes the contents as follows:

? Identifies 448 state census originals for New York’s 62 counties, located at 68 different New York repositories, plus transcripts/extracts, abstracts, or indexes in print, all with library call numbers and FHL film numbers.

? Identifies 120 statewide and regional name lists for New York, including tax lists, land records, military lists, newspaper indexes, CD-ROM publications, and online resources.

? Identifies 105 original 1850-1880 federal censuses held by 30 New York counties. (County duplicate originals on microfilm that can be compared with the microfilmed federal copies).

? Identifies over 1,200 census substitutes and selected name lists. Substitutes include tax lists, voter registrations, military lists, and deed indexes. Selected lists include county histories, city directories, naturalization indexes, vital records indexes, or other unique name lists for a particularcounty.

? Identifies over 1,500 online town references to find direct links to census extracts, indexes, or other name lists online.

? Identifies over 3,700 bibliographic citations in total, each with detailed descriptions and notes, library call numbers, and FHL film numbers.

? Includes 19 county boundary maps for the period 1683-1915, showing the evolution of all New York counties and adjoining jurisdictions in bordering states and Canada.

? Includes 26 NY State Census Extraction Forms, 1825-1925, with all NY population, military, agriculture, industry, births, deaths, and marriage schedules; plus the 1890 NY Police Census, and the 1880 Short Form; and includes 26 New York State Census Facsimiles, showing the actual state census schedules, tables, pages, and columns.

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