Thursday, September 29, 2005

ACROSS MY DESK: NC Apprenticeship & Free Blacks


This just in from the the folks at Address all inquiries to:

Subject: How-to lessons/Lectures in Southern US Chat
Hi all.
I wanted to let everyone know that GFSErin and GFSLball have decided to start having how-to lessons/lectures periodically during their scheduled Southern US chats on Monday nights from 9-10pm EST / 8-9 Central time. The first lesson will be held during the chat on October 10th from 9-10pm. It will probably be during the middle of the chat, but not sure when exactly during the hour. The topic will be researching apprenticeship records in NC.

This is a very important research tool for both white and free blacks before the Civil War. For free blacks in Antebellum NC, this was often the only means of education. Apprenticeship records are a good source for determining parents of a child. In many cases, wills were not left and census records before 1850 did not list the entire household. Apprenticeship records (at least in NC) offer a great alternative for connecting families.

Future topics include: Georgia Land Lotteries, and searching for names in census database.

Come join us on October 10th to find out more of what they offer and how to find them in NC!

If you want to attend this "real time" online chat, you merely sign online a few minutes before 9PM Eastern US time on Monday night the 10th of October 2005, and then click to enter the chat room:
-- Genealogyforum Chatrooms <>

If you'd like to learn about other scheduled chats see:
-- Schedules By Day <>

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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