Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ACROSS MY DESK: Poznan Project Newsletter #7

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From: Lukasz Bielecki
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 5:35 AM
Subject: Poznan Project Newsletter #7

Dear Poznan Project Participants and Friends,
It seems that making the partial results of our Project
(see )
available on the net, which was done in June, has indeed triggered some acceleration to our joint efforts to transcribe the 19th century marriages of the Poznan/Posen province. Several new volunteers have declared to sign up for parishes, and yes, a few of the "old" ones have resumed the work that somehow fell off their priorities over the last years. I appreciate this very much, as usual.

The way the initial results are presented, i.e. not as a searchable database (which had been the initial idea and still is a goal to achieve at a time closer to the completion), but rather in the form of lists of marriages ordered by the grooms' first names has yielded an unexpected but positive side effect. Due to the manner (and similar engines) work, the tables are on the top of search results when names are looked for. Please try e.g. "Agnes Konczal" or "Theodor Brauser". I have added links which now lead all people who stumble upon these Project Results, to the main page where they can find more about it, which they otherwise would probably never have a chance to.

Another page has been started:
where all accounts are welcome about how the data covered by the Project have added to your research or even made it possible at all. This should also help to encourage possible new volunteers. Transcribing a parish (500-2000 marriages on the average) is a task that one person is able to accomplish, and then many, many people will no more need to reproduce this effort in vain. Hopefully some of them will find it worthwhile to add more data to the whole Project "in return".

Thanks for your help and as usual I am asking for encouraging new volunteers and spreading the information about the Project.

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