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ACROSS MY DESK: RootsMagic 3 Available

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September 2005
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- RootsMagic 3 Now Available
- Special Bundle Offer for GenSmarts
- How to Order RootsMagic 3
- Greater Seattle RootsMagic User Group to Hold First Meeting
- Share Your Ideas
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- RootsMagic 3 Now Available
It's finally here. We're excited to announce the release of RootsMagic version 3. RootsMagic 3 retains the ease of use that has led reviewers to call it "the best genealogy program we've seen", and "my favorite for the best all-around program", while adding features that make it even easier and more fun to use.

Here are just a few of the new features in RootsMagic 3.

Shareable CD Creator - You've worked hard to collect and organize your family history, and now RootsMagic makes it easy to share that history with your family and friends. The shareable CD you create will feature a custom home page with your own title, photo, description, and contact information, and will include a read-only version of RootsMagic to show off your data and multimedia items.

Direct GenSmarts Integration - GenSmarts owners can now get research suggestions directly from the RootsMagic program now. You can even do the online search or add a GenSmarts suggestion directly to the RootsMagic to-do list. RootsMagic, Inc. is offering GenSmarts in a discounted bundle package for a limited time.

Direct PAF and Family Origins Import - RootsMagic users can now directly import their data from Personal Ancestral File (PAF) version 2.x and later, and Family Origins version 4 and later.

Backup to CD - One of the most requested features has been the ability to backup directly to CD. Well, now you can.

Private Notes and Events - You can now mark events as private, or choose portions of your notes to be private. These private notes and events can be stripped out of reports, GEDCOM export or website creation.

Printing Color Coding - One of the most popular features in RootsMagic has been the ability to color code people on the screen. RootsMagic 3 takes this a step further and allows you to print the color coding on pedigree charts, group sheets, box charts, narrative reports, wall charts, ahnentafel reports, descendant lists, and timelines.

Linking Drag and Drop - RootsMagic has always made it easy to drag and drop people between databases, but now it's even easier with automatic linking into the new database. For example, if you drag a person onto a father slot in the other database RootsMagic will ask if you want to add the person as a father.

Numerous Interface Enhancements - Including resizable edit and search screens, the option to view 5 or 6 generations on the pedigree view, 2-7 generations in the descendant view, ages for each event are displayed on the individual edit screen, "other spouse" buttons on the family view, relationship information can be displayed in the status bar, and much more.

And much, much more.

One important note: if you decide to try the trial version of RootsMagic 3 before ordering, please be aware it will replace your existing full copy.

So make sure you have a backup of your database first, and a copy of your version 2 CD in case you don't intend to upgrade .

- Special Bundle Offer for GenSmarts
For those who don't already own GenSmarts, but would like to take advantage of the GenSmarts integration I mentioned above, we have created a special bundle.

You can order GenSmarts with your RootsMagic or RootsMagic upgrade and save $10 off the regular price of GenSmarts.

You can also get a bundle with our Personal Historian software that helps you write a personal history of yourself or others, or a "real meal deal" bundle of RootsMagic, GenSmarts, and Personal Historian.

- How to Order RootsMagic 3
Although you can order both online and by phone, please understand that online ordering is much easier on us . We don't mind phone orders, but since we don't hire extra staff to take the large number of calls we receive during upgrades, you may be asked to leave a name and number where we can return your call as things slow down a bit.

Another new wrinkle is that RootsMagic is now available either on CD or as a download. The price is the same except that you will save shipping on the download. The CD does offer a 30 minute video tutorial which isn't available with the download version.

And even those who order the CD will receive a registration key so they can download and start using version 3 immediately while they wait for their CD.

Current RootsMagic and Family Origins users can upgrade to RootsMagic for just
$19.95 (plus $5 shipping if you order it on CD). You can also get the upgrade with the newly updated book "Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic" for $29.95 plus shipping.

You can order RootsMagic at:

You will find a number of drop lists on the order page to select from the various options. Click the drop list on the order page and choose the product or bundle you are interested in.

- Greater Seattle RootsMagic User Group to Hold First Meeting

The Greater Seattle Area RootsMagic Users Group will hold its first meeting on Saturday, September 24th, 2:00 - 4:00 pm at the Burien Public Library, 14700 Sixth SW, Burien 98166.
You will find both a map and driving directions to the library at their new website at:

The details of the group meeting calendar and location will be maintained on an internet calendar which is also accessible from the website home page. You will also find downloadable copies of the workshop handouts.

This first time only, the meeting is held on the 4th Saturday of the month.

All subsequent meetings are planned for the 3rd Saturday of each month, with time and location to be determined after our first meeting.

- Share Your Ideas!
If you have a RootsMagic hint or tip you would like to share with other users,
and send it to us.

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