Sunday, September 18, 2005

The funeral necessitates changes in our schedule


My wonderful brother-in-law Paul Hatch Daines, Jr., M. D. son of Aliene(Kleinman) and Paul H. Daines, Sr., M. D. passed away this morning at LDSHospital in Salt Lake City Utah following a valiant battle with cancer. Paul was a great strength in our family, and is loved by all who knew him.

Paul's wife Sharon, and their children Matt and Leilani are making funeral arrangements as we speak. It is anticipated that this will take place onTuesday in their hometown of Logan, Utah.

Accordingly, I am flying out to Salt Lake today (Sept 10th) and will suspend the production of my internet radio show for the next two weeks. I do not knowif I will be able to write my daily column because of internet access. Ihave one column already written for Everton's Genealogical Helper Magazinewhich I will submit forthwith. I am notifying everyone, including mystudents at Vo-Tech via this email. I plan to return home to Florida on the20th of September in the late evening. There are three people who have ordered "Little Books" whose patience is greatly appreciated.

One of you dear readers wrote to me this morning saying "And hugs back toyou -- and for your brother-in-law's family. There is a lot of sadness inthe world, but God will get us through - I will never leave thee nor forsake thee Heb 13:5."

Thank-you for your thoughts and prayers.

Pat Richley,
6023 26th Street West PMB 352
Bradenton, FL 34207

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