Sunday, September 18, 2005

Is Inu actually a surname?

From: Lois,

I have been told that one of my ancestors had the surname Inu and wasborn in 1780. Her ancestors were supposedly from England. I am havingtrouble researching the name. Can anyone tell me if Inu is actually asurname?

Yours was an interesting question, and here's how I determined INU is infact a surname, with several derivations: Ino, Eno, Ani, Ana and Inouyeto name a few.

I went to, and typed "Inu" without quotes in the last name field before clicking the search button. There hit list included 190 individuals who lived in Japan, the Pacific Islands,Canada, the US even one or two from England and one from Germany.

One entry lists a Robert Inu who married an unnamed woman on Oct 17,1736 in Gloucester, England. This entry is not a strong lead becausethe source citation merely mentioned the information has been submittedby an individual. Use the information as a clue. See WHAT’S NEXT below.

Also included was a gentleman named WILHELMUS INU who married MARIAHARTHLAUFF June 9, 1704. To obtain a copy of the original church bookentry, you could click so discover that the source was an extractedrecord on LDS microfilm 0176100, of the Katholisch (Catholic) Parishregister transcripts of baptisms, marriages and deaths 1662 - 1809 forBurg (Wupper), Rheinland, Preussen, Germany. Because the sourcecitation references an original record rather than a patron submission,the entry is more likely reliable.

While ol’ Myrt here is sure that we could visit other websites for moreinformation about the INU surname, it is essential to worksystematically backwards using original documents (most often onmicrofilm) to establish the links from one generation to the previous.Gather everything you can on the known ancestor for more clues aboutthe place in England where her ancestors were born.

If Gloucester is the right place in England, then begin by looking atchurch records of christening and marriage in Gloucester. No you don’thave to go there in person. Just see what’s available on microfilmthrough, and then order and view the films at oneof 4,000+ local LDS Family History Centers located throughout theworld. Sometime within the next six years nearly all of the 3 millionmicrofilms at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, will beavailable on the internet. But don’t wait!

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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