Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Legacy Family Tree 6 - Radius Searching


I've been thrilled to use the NEWEST version of Legacy Family Tree for the past few weeks. One particularly interesting option is the RADIUS SEARCH.

"Have you ever searched the records of a town, only to find nothing about your ancestor? In these situations, good genealogical methodology suggests to search the records of nearby towns. Legacy Family Tree’s Radius Search tool will provide you with a list of localities within a given distance from the original location.

To use the Radius Search tool, first you’ll need to make sure that you have installed Legacy’s Geo Location Database. This database is a collection of nearly three million current locations worldwide divided into six regions: Pacific Islands, United States, Africa, Americas (non-USA), Asia, and Europe. Each location includes the name of the city, the county or province, the state, if any, and the country name. Along with this information the latitude and longitude coordinates are also included."

I cannot overstate the importance of searching in the immediate environs of an ancestor's known residence to find the home of his bride's parents. In the olden days, when walking or horseback riding were the norm, people tended to marry someone within a 5-7 mile radius of their own home.

Thankfully, LFT's Radius Search forces us to run around in "circles" when looking for ancestor clues. Bravo!

Happy family tree climbing!
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