Friday, September 23, 2005

More cemetery preservation

Judging by your emails, there has been a lot of interest in the tiny 1/4 acre overgrown cemetery mentioned in yesterday's column. An unnamed City of Sunset Valley, Travis County, Texas source reports that the City Council looks favorably on Terry Grumbles' project which was presented at recent city council meeting:

"... did present the cemetery project to them, stating that the family is actively working on it, and are not requesting funding at this time. She got several nods of approval when she mentioned that the Grumbles would be interested in having a volunteer day and/or ceremony to honor the Grumbles Family and their rich ties to the history of this area. This session was just informational, [...] to introduce her unfunded projects, and only had about 2 minutes [each] to tell them about each project. She said that the project got the most interest & positive response from Council."

So it seems that by tiny steps, progress is being made.

There are going to be expenses for renting bush hogging equipment, etc. I wonder if the Home Depot will donate rental equipment?

Ol' Myrt here wonders if the local Boy Scout Troup might assist?

I also wonder if one of those Boy Scouts might make cleaning up this cemetery his Eagle Scout Project? We had a similar project here in Manatee County, where the local electric company responded by providing a large dumpster, which had to be carried away twice on the clean up day, and a third time the following day. All of those weeds and underbrush need to be carried away somehow.

Have any of my readers had experience with such a cemetery clean-up project?

Happy family tree climbing!
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