Friday, September 09, 2005

Race & Slave Petition Project 1776-1867


The scope of the compiled research from original courthouse records covers slave records from 1776-1867. This massive effort earned Nicole Mazgaj, Loren Schweninger, and Marguerite Howell a $200,000 grant to digitally archive their findings.

"Genealogists may know their family history and that they were enslaved by so and so, and their ancestors lived on this plantation, but they may not know that one of their relatives was a cook or a carpenter or suffered a disease. These documents tell a lot of personal detail," Howell said. "They fill in the gaps a little bit and give a face to the individuals."

[...] "Schweninger's Race and Slavery Petitions Project 1776-1867 is a compilation of 17,487 legislative and court documents from 200 county courthouses in the 15 former slaveholding states and the District of Columbia."

If you have Black ancestry in the US, you'll need to watch the progress of this project. The full article is titled "Project reveals details of slave life" by Tina Firesheets
Staff Writer for the News-Record of Greensboro, North Carolina:

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