Saturday, September 24, 2005

RE: Cemetery Research: Preserving a Legacy Article

From: Jeff
I was looking at your website and noticed the article(s) you had in regards to cemetery preservation. My name is Jeff Nicoll. I currently live with my wife in Mobile, AL, but I grew up in Travis County, Texas, and actually recognized the area described in them. My wife and I belong to an organization here in Alabama called the Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance (ACPA) and are the County Representatives for Mobile County. This organization was formed several years ago to help bring to light the plight of historic cemeteries and their conditions here in Alabama. There are many cemeteries here in Alabama that are in the same situation as the cemetery in Sunset Valley. With suburban growth over the years, many cemeteries that were once on farms, ranches, or in small communites have now become endangered and in need of rescue.

I noticed in your articles that Terry Grumbles ran into a lot of the roadblocks that can be in place, but your suggestions and the actions taken by Mr. Grumbles are a step in the right direction. The idea of enlisting a local Boy Scout looking for an Eagle Scout Project is a very good one and one that recently was noted in our local newspaper.

For your reader's and listener's who are wanting to become involved with these issues some places for them to start are as follows:
-- Contact local/state Historical Societies
-- Contact local/state Genealogical Societies
-- Research local/state cemetery laws
-- Contact state organizations for Cemetery Preservation/Restoration
-- Research internet sites for Cemetery Preservation/Restoration

For further information on the Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance please feel free to look at our website - or contact one of the following persons - Lisa Baggett (ACPA Secretary) @ or Ted Urguhart (ACPA President) @

Thank you for your time.
Sincerely,Jeff Nicoll
ACPA - Asst. Mobile County Representative

I will see that Terry Grumbles receives a copy of your email. Thank-you for your suggestions. I contacted the USGenWeb Coordinator for Texas, Travis county & the Texas tombstone project. At least one is planning to link the several columns to their website as well. Helping people become aware is half the battle. We all wish that folks would do this for the heretofore unknown cemeteries of our fore-fathers.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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