Sunday, September 18, 2005

READERS' FEEDBACK: Is Inu a surname?

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RE: Is Inu a surname?

From: "Sharyn Hay"
Occasionally the confusion about a surname like INU arises because someone actually saw LNU on a document and misread it. Although LNU is also a surname, it more commonly means 'last name unknown' and is found on many old documents. Similar problems arise from FNU ('first name unknown) and MNU (middle name unknown). It is wise to eliminate these acronyms, along with UNK, from family treeprograms and reports so that the mistakes don't keep being passed on.

From: Eileen R
I just wanted to thank for for your easy-to-follow & understand step-by-step approach to research, as illustrated in the subject email. It is a God-send! God bless!

From: Dolly in Maryland
But how about "UNK," "NMN" and "NMI" ? ;-)
My wild guess for the day is that "Inu" is a misreading of "Jno" in 1780s handwriting. That's the old abbreviation for John, though I've had a newbie protest that couldn't be, it had be something longer like Jonathan. As you know, capital J and capital I could look much alike.

Another possibility -- "Ines," or Innes, one of my ancestors. Also spelled or read as "Ives." [James Innes made will 4 Mch 1703, Baltimore MD.]

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