Friday, September 02, 2005

RootsMagic 3 to be released at FGS next week


Folks have heard the rumors that RootsMagic will also release a new version at the FGS (Federation of Genealogical Society) conference this next week. From the message board we read:

"QUOTE(RootsMagician @ Aug 31 2005, 06:10 AM)
We will begin taking orders and shipping RM3 on September 8th (or possibly later in the day on the 7th). We will send an issue of the RootsMagic newsletter as soon as v3 becomes available.

RM3 will be available either on CD or as a download.

The regular price of RM will remain the same $29.95 (plus $5 shipping if they want the CD).

Current users can upgrade to v3 for $19.95 (plus $5 shipping if they want the CD).
Users who purchased RM after June 1, 2005 can receive v3 upgrade for free download (or $5 shipping if they want the CD)."

All I can tell you is I have been using it, and have written 2 columns on one of its new features, one for and one for Everton's Genealogical Helper Magazine. So, stay tuned to my column because as soon as Bruce Buzbee releases version 3 of RootsMagic, I'll release my column on the subject.

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