Monday, September 05, 2005

VidStone - multi-media tombstone memorial


A few years back, Ancestry Magazine featured an intriguing article by Mark Howells' titled "Tombstone Rubbings in the Information Age"

Mark described a View-logy tombstone attachment which provide a multi-media presentation in a "this is your life" format. However, I haven't heard much about the product for a number of years.

Now another company has come up with a similar product, VidStone. Today's Associate Press reports an article out of Miami by John Pain titled "Video panels coming to tombstones: Technology caters to growing desire to personalize funerals." Bradenton Herald 5 Sept 2005.
The first product was powered by a 9 volt battery provided by a visitor to the gravesite. The second product takes advantage of solar power.

I love the concept of using technology to present a 4-10 minute audio/video presentation on a little screen embedded in the tombstone showing pictures from the life of the deceased while his/her favorite song plays in the background.

We have video cell phones, why not video tombstones?

For a demo presentation see:

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