Saturday, October 08, 2005

Accessing 1880 & other census views

From: Sharon Henke
You wrote:
"1880 US Index free at with links to free 1880 Census images at"

In smaller print at the end of the Census page it says "View for a fee." The images on are not free, except to subscribers.


Oops, both of us have made slight mistakes. Thank-you for correcting me, the link says "for a fee" EXCEPT if one is logged in to as a member of the Church. Then the clickable link icon says "view images at" and provides free access.

As always, the 1880 as with the other AncestryPlus databases and scanned images IS FREE to anyone at your local LDS Family History Center if it has high-speed and has opted for the free AncestryPlus membership available to FHCs. Public and private libraries that elect to subscribe to AncestryPlus also provide access to patrons for free.

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