Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Cemetery Preservation Workshop in Oklahoma

From: Dittmar, Frederick M.
As a part of the objectives of OCPA <> we have scheduled a Cemetery Preservation Workshop for the 28th and 29th of October 2005. We have contracted with the Chicora Foundation of Columbia, South Carolina to conduct this workshop. Mike Trinkley and Debi Hacker both have superb credentials and experience in cemetery restoration and preservation and have conducted these workshops all over the country. You can check them out at:

The contact person is: Sue Tolbert at:

DearFRED (not Frank!)

THANKS for your feedback, Fred. I checked out CHICORA and find from its website that "Chicora is a Columbia, South Carolina public, non-profit heritage preservation organization founded in 1993. Our work includes archaeological and historical research throughout the Southeastern United States, public education (primarily right here in South Carolina), and work in conservation and preservation with museums, libraries, archives, historic organizations, and private citizens."

They have a webpage describing cemetery preservation at:

I trust that other regions of the world have similar organizations. We just can't go into these cemeteries with a bottle of bleach to supposedly clean the tombstones. The long-term preservation is at stake. This organization recommends:

Association for Gravestone Studies -- they foster appreciation of the cultural significance of gravestones and burial grounds through study and preservation. <>

Stone Faces and Sacred Spaces -- colleagues with an exceptional range of experience in cemetery preservation.

The Center for Historic Cemeteries Preservation -- promotes the study, documentation, and preservation of historical burial sites.

Find the listing of "essential or fun reading" at:

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