Thursday, November 03, 2005

ACROSS MY DESK: Folklore Mailing List

Ol' Myrt here thinks you'll get a kick out of the following series of postings from Folklore-L mailing list at RootsWeb. -- Myrt :)

From: "Peace Roses"
To: FOLKLORE-L@rootsweb.comDid anyone used to (or still do) count the freight cars on a train? I always used to do that. My friends live close to a railroad track that they can see from their living room window. When a freight train goes by, they always count the number of cars on the train.

From: "Mary"
My mother did too. I tried counting them once but there were too many -- maybe that's why I'm still here!

My mother believed this one: If you count the cars in a funeral procession, the next procession will be for you.

From: "Tammy Angel"
I just had to write this and see if anyone heard of this? My daughter and I are getting ready this morning and our kitty cat is in the window going crazy, so we look and a bird is frantically flying into our window, flapping it's wings, going out again, flying back and hitting the window... and it keeps doing this!

My husband hears us talking about it and says, "Someone is going to die."

I have heard of this before but it never crossed my mind until he said that.
It is an old wives tale.

So, in keeping with the topic and since I asked earlier about old home remedies.....does anyone have any old wives tales they'd like to share?

Step on a crack, break your mothers back...

If you have heartburn during your pregnancy, the baby will have lots of hair.

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