Thursday, November 03, 2005

ACROSS MY DESK: Partnership for the American Historical Record

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Federation of Genealogical SocietiesSpecial Edition"FGS Delegate Digest" ===================================================

Linking the Genealogical Community
Volume 12, No. 13 Nov 2005

The Partnership for the American Historical RecordIncreased federal funding that targets state and local records may be just around the corner. The Council of State Archivists proposes The Partnership for the American Historical Record, a project to help preserve and provide access to archival records held by state and local governments, genealogical and historical societies, libraries, and related organizations.

This initiative would support* the creation of access tools, including name indexes and online images,* programs of archival education and training,* development of teaching materials and promotion of National History Day,* preservation actions, including digitization projects and disaster recovery programs.

The Partnership wants this done by the National Archives through the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The NHPRC would establish a grant program to states for re-grants and statewide services. Each state would receive funds for redistribution to organizations within its borders to support preservation and use of historical records. This means it may be possible for projects done by genealogical and historical societies to qualify for grant money.

For more information about this proposal, see the winter issue (mid-January 2006 delivery) of FORUM magazine. In it, Curt Witcher devotes his column "Notes from the Field" to explaining this important partnership. Soon, the help of you and your society will be needed to contact key leaders.

For now, bring this advance notice to the attention of your society's officers and board. Then, watch for further developments which will be reported in FORUM and the Delegate Digest, and at the FGS website: . Updates will also be posted at the Council of State Archivists website:

[The Federation has endorsed this partnership program and established a committee chaired by Curt B. Witcher, Indiana, to keep FGS membership informed and plan support activities. This notice was prepared by committee member, Sandra Luebking, October 2005]

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