Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Getting into the swing of things

Friday will be a milestone for our family, as my daughter will be coming home from the hospital. She cannot walk, and can barely move with assistance, but she is progressing nicely. There will be all sorts of home care and PT for her for a while. Now she will be able to hold her newborn when she wants to and read to the kindergartner at bedtime. Carrie is expected to make a good recovery.

Friday is also the day that the high speed will be hooked up. Then I can access my email on a regular basis. I will also start booking interviews for the DearMYRTLE's FAMILY HISTORY HOUR podcast, which I expect will resume in a week -- Nov 8th or 15th depending on how dependable Comcast is about keeping its appointments. I'll keep you posted on that.

I mentioned that Saturday I'll be giving the talk at the Ogden, Utah Family History Center. See the main page of for details.

Then each Saturday I expect to be at the Family History Library doing research. I will begin to set up a place on my website, where you can order my services to look at a specific microfilm or microfiche for evidence of your ancestor. I am sure that my friends in Florida will keep me busy at least half of the time. Sometimes that DAR/SAR application just isn't complete without a copy of a will or marriage certificate on one of the "in between" generations. So it you need something in a pinch, understand that I expect each Saturday to be able to look things up for you.

I don't know if any readers live in SLC, and if there is a need for computer consulting (mentoring) but that is also a possibility. I have taught computers at the Manatee Technical Institute since 1992, and worked with the local PAF users group in FL since 1993, so I probably can handle your questions, help you backup your genealogy data, print out that book, set up a home or small office network, etc.

Nov 15th is when I will figure out what to do with my January speaking engagements in Florida. It all depends on how my daughter's recovery progresses.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.
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