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Podcasts and online Pennsylvania Archives

Ol' Myrt here was thrilled to visit with other genealogists on Saturday up in Ogden, Utah. Now I am busy working on tomorrow's podcast. YES, all my equipment has arrived in Salt Lake. I am beginning to schedule interviews out for the next few weeks, so DearMYRTLE's FAMILY HISTORY HOUR is getting back on track. I expect to release the next podcast tomorrow, Tuesday 8 Nov 2005 where much of the show will be devoted to National Adoption Awareness Month.


From time to time I write about this, because many of us have colonial Pennsylvania ancestors. Previously, we've had to work through the Pennsylvania Archives in the cumbersome book format. These are the official printed version of colonial Pennsylvania records. Because in some cases the original documents have not survived, the NSDAR National Society Daughters of the American Revolution generally accepts the Pennsylvania Archives as one proof of an ancestor's service.

COLONIAL RECORDS: 16 volumes , issued 1838-1853.
Vol I-X Minutes of the Provincial Council, 1683-1775
Vol X & XI Minutes of the Council of Safety (and of the Committee of Safety), 1775-1777
Vol XI-XVI Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council, 1777-1790

PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES , First Series: 12 volumes, issued 1852-1856 edited by Samuel Hazard. Selected papers from the files of the Secretary of the Commonwealth 1664-1790. Chronological order, Supplement to Colonial Record.

PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Second Series: 19 Volumes issued 1874-1890 edited by John B. Linn and Dr. William Henry Egle (Vol 1-XII) and Dr. William Henry Egle (Vol XIII-XIX).
-- Militia rolls
-- Church records
-- Minutes of the Board of War 1777
-- Minutes of the Navy Board 1777
-- Wyoming Controversy with Connecticut
-- Whiskey Insurrection

PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Third Series: 30 volumes, issued 1894-1899. Vol I-XXVI edited by Dr. William Henry Egle
-- Militia rolls
-- Land warrants
-- Tax lists
-- Virginia’s interest in western PA
-- Donation Lands
-- Last 4 volumes index edited by Dr. George Edward Reed

PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Fourth Series: 12 volumes, issued 1900-1902 edited by Dr. George Edward Reed
-- Bios & Portraits of Pennsylvania Governors 1681-1902
-- Selected governors’ addresses & proclamations

PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Fifth Series: 8 volumes, issued 1906 edited by Dr. Thomas Lynch.
-- Muster Rolls - provincial military
-- Muster Rolls - Revolutionary era

PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Sixth Series: 14 volumes, issued 1906-1907 edited by Dr. Thomas Lynch Montgomery.
-- Military Rolls of the Revolution era
-- Inventories of confiscated Estates Revolution Era
-- War of 1812
-- State Militia Rolls (peace time)
-- Orderly books
-- Church records of baptisms & marriage
-- 1700s election returns
Vol XV
-- Index to 5th Series

PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Seventh Series: 5 volumes, issued 1914 edited by Dr. Thomas Lynch Montgomery
-- Index to Series 6 Volumes I-XIV

PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Eighth Series: 8 Volumes issued 1931-1935 edited by Gertrude MacKinney (volumes 1-5) and Dr. Charles F. Hoban (volumes 6-8.)
-- Reprint of "Votes and Proceedings of the House of Representatives of the Province of Pennsylvania, 1682-1776." originally printed in the 18th century

PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES, Ninth Series: 10 volumes issued 1914, reprinted from manuscripts in the Pennsylvania Division of Public Records, edited by Gertrude MacKinney
-- Executive Minutes
-- Official Actions of Pennsylvania Governors 1790-1838
-- Colonial Records through 1790
-- Supplements the 4th Series


DearMYRTLE's "Little Book" titled "PENNSYLVANIA ARCHIVES: Accessing Scanned Images Online" details which volumes in each series are available online at Ol' Myrt's little book also provides specific directions for accessing, searching, and saving the information you locate on an ancestor. See: for ordering details.

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