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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Lost Generation - Tracing UK World War I casualties


This is just in from, the most excellent resource for UK records. Any inquires should be addressed to them at:

"Many of you have been moved by the recent Channel 4 series Lost Generation, which uncovered the stories of the generation that had their lives, loves, hopes and dreams annihilated on the battlefields of the First World War. If you're tracing an ancestor who died in combat, they are not recorded in the usual death indexes - you'll find them tucked away in the Overseas records, as the deaths occurred on the continent.

To search, change the event type to Deaths and scroll down to select either GRO War Deaths Army Officers Indices (1914 - 1921) or GRO War Deaths Army Other Ranks Indices (1914 - 1921). Armed with the full GRO reference obtained from these records, you can order the death certificate for the individual soldier, direct from the GRO."

Start searching for First World War deaths:

NOTE: This is a fee-based website, but ol' Myrt has found it most useful to her research.

NOTE: GRO = Government Record Office.

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