Thursday, December 08, 2005

Missouri Land Patents 1831-1910

A BIG THANKS to Walt Stock, President of the Manasota Genealogical Society in Bradenton, FL for giving ol' Myrt here the heads up on the following website, which is useful to my personal research on early Missouri residents.

From this site, we understand that "During the nineteenth century, the United States government, by various acts of Congress, donated some 6.5 million acres of federal land in Missouri directly to the state. This public domain land was then sold by the state, with profits designated for various internal projects or improvements. The state, rather than the federal government, issued the land patents, verifying title and ownership to the parcels sold, for purchased sections of this donated land. The patents list the name of the person(s) who acquired the land, the purchase date and patent date, as well as a legal land description including township and range, name of county, and number of acres sold."

"The Land Patents Project at the Missouri State Archives is an ongoing project to transcribe information from the state-issued land patents to create a database of patent information, useful in placing an individual in a specific location at a specific time. Other record series that will be included in this project will be Individual Land Surveys, 1804-1823 and Tax Deeds, 1847-1878. The information contained in the land patent database includes name of purchaser, county, date of purchase, legal land description, and microfilm location for copy of full entry (reel number, volume and page number). IBID "

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