Wednesday, December 14, 2005

POE Podcast (Port of Arrival)

Ol' Myrt here has stumbled across a *manual* genealogy "podcast" which may assist you who are interested in immigration to the US and the subsequent naturalization process.

-- Port of Entry 1, Oct 6, 2005. Discussion of records for immigrants who arrived after 1924, derivative citizenship, minor naturalizations, and U.S. outbound passenger lists (departure lists).

-- POE 2, October 10, 2005. Enemy alien registration in World War I, immigrant "sponsors," and certificates of arrival.

-- POE 3, October 15, 2005. Declaration of Intention search, manifest annotations, requesting visa files, and new microfilm publications.

-- POE 4, October 24, 2005. Timing is Everything. Discussion of errors in immigration and naturalization records, derivative citizenship, information found on naturalization records, and some more on minor naturalizations.

-- POE 5, November 7, 2005. Discussion of research investigating an immigrant's deathbed confession.

You'll find these illuminating podcasts by going to:

The podcaster "Marian" collects her questions from message board postings and mailing list queries. She states on her home page that if inquiries are addressed to your query may be addressed during an upcoming podcast. I love her mix of using prepared text and extemporaneous speaking. She seems to speak with some authority, particularly on post Sept 1906 naturalizations. I wonder who "Marian" is and what she does in her "real" life to have such experience with such records. Her cat appears in POE 2, as a production assistant.

* By using the term "manual" podcast, Myrt means that the podcast files must be clicked-on manually when visiting the POE website. At this time, the Port of Entry podcast files are not distributed automatically through an RSS feed, but I've written to "Marian" to tell her how the files and bandwidth can be provided for.

PODZI.COM explains "What is a Podcast? - Podcasting is a method of publishing audio broadcasts via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a [RSS] feed of new files usually MP3s."

Whether or not the PORT OF ENTRY audio files are true podcasts -- YOU SIMPLY MUST tune in -- they are THAT informative! Perhaps in the future, "Marian" will add the RSS feed option.

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