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ACROSS MY DESK: A Crack in the Romanian Archival Dike?

The following is just in from the Nu? What's New? - Vol. 6, No. 19 - January 8, 2006 Newsletter
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A Crack in the Romanian Archival Dike?

"One of the few national archives that is genealogy-unfriendly is that of Romania. In the past, inquiries to the Romanian archival system have gone unanswered. The head archivist of Romania was invited to the annual International Conference on Jewish Genealogy held in Washington in 2003, but he canceled at the last minute. This despite the fact that many national archives are finding that genealogical inquiries are an excellent source of revenue.

A posting to the ROM-SIG Discussion Group indicates that the archives many be relenting slowly. Sorin Goldenberg of Israel reports that he requested of the Botosani regional archives the birth record of his grandfather's father and mother, born 1886 and 1890. In about a month he received a letter stating the records were found and transferred to the national archives in Bucuresti for approval. One month thereafter, the records arrived.

According to Rosanne Leeson of ROM-SIG, such success is unusual. She reports that the Botosani regional archives may be more genealogy friendly than other Romanian archives and the fact that Goldenberg gave the exact dates of birth may have helped to expedite the inquiry."

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