Thursday, January 12, 2006

ACROSS MY DESK: Oklahoma History Center to open April 2006

NOTE: This is just in from the Oklahoma Genealogical Society.
All inquiries should be addressed to:
Plans for the move of the Oklahoma Historical Society Research Division to the new Oklahoma History Center were announced Monday evening by Executive Director Dr. Bob Blackburn, Division Director Bill Welge, and Public Services Director Laura Martin in a meeting with the Oklahoma Genealogical Society Board of Directors. Mr. Welge and Mrs. Marquardt stayed to make the announcement to those in attendance at the General Meeting.

The Research Library will close to the public Wednesday, March 1, 2006, to make the move to the Oklahoma History Research Center in the new OHC building located at the northeast corner of NW 23rd and N. Lincoln Blvd. The new address is 2401 N. Laird, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. The new research facility will be open to the public in mid April 2006. The research staff will be working extremely hard during the 4 to 6 week closure to ensure that the researchers have everything available when the new center opens.

Plans are being formulated for the gala Grand Opening Celebration to take place some evening during the week of April 17-21. Those wishing to receive an invitation to the gala may send an email stating that to . Please include your name and complete mailing address.

Moving plans were completed after Dr. Blackburn received assurances from the Governor and legislative leaders that a supplemental appropriation was planned for the new History Center to cover the personnel expenses that were not taken care of during the last legislative session. A supplemental appropriation will allow the move to occur before the June date that would have occurred under a regular appropriation.

The physical move will be a monumental task. You can help with the move in several ways.
1. Write your state senator and representative to encourage their awareness of how much a supplemental appropriation is needed. You can find contact information for your elected representatives at: A letter to the Governor would also encourage his commitment to this endeavor. His website at
will list his contact information.

2. Be ready to contact those at the State Capitol by phone or in person if the need should develop. Your support in the past has made a huge difference in what happens there. The call for help will come by email should the need arise.

3. Delay making donations of books or other materials until after the physical move has been made. The staff have enough to handle without also processing new acquisitions.

4. Do make any monetary donations now! The needs are still great and many fund raising options are ongoing. Contact Tim Zwink, OHS Director of Development, at 405-522-5217 or for details about those options.

5. Volunteer to assist in the move by contacting Laura Martin at 405-522-5225. There are still needs for those with computer and organizational skills. Persons who can physically move and pack books and microfilm rolls are needed. Please keep your own physical abilities in mind and remember to take care of your own well being.

Thank you for your assistance with this major endeavor. All researchers look forward to the opening of this wonderful new research facility and appreciate your efforts.

Billie Fogarty, President
Oklahoma Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 12986
Oklahoma City, OK 73157

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