Thursday, January 26, 2006

Letters home tell CW Soldiers' stories

I mentioned last spring that I had the pleasure of meeting the interesting and curious Franklin R. Crawford, a US Civil War expert and retired teacher. We loved his presentation and visits to our local DUV Daughters of Union Veterans tent. How I will miss going with them to Andersonville this spring, as I know his insights will prove fascinating.

Frank has transcribed some letters sent home during the war. You'll have to stock up on Kleenex before you start reading.

Jack Welsh, M.D., Author of Medical Histories of Union Generals and Medical histories of Confederate Generals says of Frank's book "An outstanding job of smoothly blending the letters with the associated material to make a complete story. Has good flow and the supporting data was well selected and researched. It is 'with feeling.' I have to say I read it word for word and enjoyed it."

Believe me, there is nothing like hearing it straight from the horse's mouth. And there is simply no other way to understand war unless it is from a soldier's point of view, right there in the trenches. Though you may be like me, without such letters from your CW vets, you'll gain much understanding and empathy by reading.

from Federal Soldiers Written During the Civil War
1861 - 1865

Compiled by Franklin R. Crawford.

Check out his new website!

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