Friday, January 13, 2006

LOST & FOUND: Old photo cards

From: Monty Rowley
I have several old pictures that were given to my wife by an elderly aunt who has passed away. Her aunt didn't know who the people were, but the name of the studio is on most of them and I thought that maybe some one may recognize a family member. Where can I contact someone that would be willing to post some of the pictures on the internet and/ or give me some direction on how to get the pictures out into the public's eye?


You'll want to post the photos and the stories behind them at:
Dead Fred Genealogy Photo Archive

Be sure to include the elderly aunt's name, where she lived, and when she passed away. Describe any inscriptions, however seemingly insignificant, and zoom in on the photo studio's mark.

Sometimes these photos were "carte de visites" which were presented like a calling card when visiting a friend. Your wife's elderly aunt may have inherited these from her parents. In that case, its no wonder she cannot remember who these people are, since they were not family members.

Never-the-less, you are very wise to get the pictures out to the rest of the world.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)

DearMYRTLE, your friend in genealogy

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