Tuesday, January 31, 2006

MOVING THE DEAD - San Francisco Cemeteries podcast

Ol' Myrt subscribes to a number of genealogy and/or history podcasts, and recommends listening to a recent offering from Richard Miller's

MOVING THE DEAD - San Francisco Cemeteries
"There are only three cemeteries left within the city limits of San Francisco. Note the phrase carefully: "left" in San Francisco. There were once far more than just three, which makes perfect sense -- after all, thousands upon thousands of San Franciscans have passed away since the establishment of Yerba Buena 170 years ago, and they all required a final resting place. The question is, what happened to them... And where are they now?"

Sparkletack offers a short history of cemeteries in San Francisco, as well as the answer to the question of which three still remain. You'll also find links to:

-- John Blackett's San Francisco Cemetery History - Maps + Photos

-- San Francisco Genealogy - Cemetery History

-- San Francisco Virtual Museum - Cemetery History

-- Recent Civic Center Excavations

-- San Francisco Columbarium

Two methods to listen
#1 - Merely download and listen to this specific file:

#2 - Subscribe to this free San Francisco podcast series by adding the following RSS code to your iTunes or other podcast software: http://www.sparkletack.com/rss

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