Saturday, January 07, 2006

Problems with incomplete obit forms

From: Alice Sanders
RE: Incomplete copies of official records

This partial offering of a record is everywhere. The same goes for newspapers printing obituaries. They do not want to print any thing extra that does not bring them revenue. Our local paper sold and the new owners offered a form that omitted the maiden name of deceased females. If the family wanted to pay to print an obit it could be printed. Our local Genealogical Society petitioned the editor and did get the form changed to include the maiden name. These people do listen when enough voices are heard. Get the local societies where you live to speak up, no matter what level of government you are dealing with. Before election time is good!

THANKS for standing up for the insertion of maiden names! We're only talking a few letters here, not entire paragraphs. As genealogists, we cannot afford to be the new "silent majority." If the millions of people accessing the internet each month (through Ancestry & FamilySearch to name a few sites) were to put their proverbial foot down about records access, etc, we might not be experiencing problems like this.

Happy family tree climbing!
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