Monday, January 23, 2006

RootsWeb Mailing List Problems

Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2006 10:56 PM
Subject: [WRITING] Attention Administrator

Dear Administrator:I think there may be a problem with AOL or RootsWeb. I have not received any messages from the list since Jan. 19 or Jan. 20.

While I am not administrator of the "Writing" email list, this is perhaps the most succinctly-worded and least angry query about the problems experienced since late Thursday of last week.
RootsWeb computers were being transferred to a different location during this time period. Also AOL has not currently updated its list to allow RW mailing list items to come through to AOL email boxes.

Anytime you have difficulties such as this, go to RW to see if there are any known computer issues by visiting:

Two current issues are as follows:
1 AOL not taking RootsWeb mail:
To specifically state the message indicated in subsequent announcement below.
AOL is blocking RootsWeb email
Since RootsWeb relocated its servers, AOL has stopped receiving RootsWeb email. RootsWeb applied for fresh whitelisting of its mail servers overnight Thursday and is awaiting for AOL to undertake the whitelist action.
AOL mail is still getting through to RootsWeb unimpeded.
For AOL users wishing to keep up with the email to the mailing lists, please check the threaded list archives ARCHIVER.

2 RootsWeb servers being relocated:
Update: Friday 20th 0500 MST
We are seeing some mail bound to the ISPs AOL/WMCONNECT/COMPUSERVE/NETSCAPE and SHAW being held up on RootsWeb servers pending delivery. We have applied to AOL to update our whitelist details, and proceeding to do the same with SHAW.
Update: Thursday 19th 2200 MST (aka Friday 20th 0500 GMT) Earlier today (Thursday) RootsWeb's servers were off-line for planned maintenance. All services are back on-line and are available.
There have been a few reports of delayed mail delivery. Such reports are not unexpected due to how ISPs receive and manage mail and in light of their spam defenses. This may take up to a day or two for systems to resolve. RootsWeb will be monitoring mail delivery and we ask for your patience while this resolves.


Give it another day or so. As an old AOL coder, I'd say nothing much will happen from "inside AOL" over the weekend to correct issues. As a precaution, ol' Myrt here didn't send out any columns during this time. So, not to worry, you didn't miss anything.

Myrt's columns are also available as a BLOG, webpage, and RSS feed, so there are many methods for "getting the word out." At any given point (perhaps once or twice a year) each of these methods of delivery is interrupted by similar issues. Its not a perfect world, but technology sure has made great strides that help genealogical researchers.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
DearMYRTLE, your friend in genealogy

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