Monday, February 06, 2006

Myrt's Calendar and "TOP 25" announcement


Ol' Myrt here has been a busy gal:

-- revising DearMYRTLE's LITTLE BOOK: Internet Genealogy Top 25 favorite things to do.

-- updating her web store to include some Canadian sales offers

YES, you remember correctly, "Internet Genealogy: Top 25 favorite things to do" USED to be the "top 20" now it is the "top 25." There is just that much in the way of "must view" resources out there on the 'net.

ALSO ol' Myrt is preparing for her trip to St. George to speak at the Genealogy & Family History Jamboree sponsored by . This coming Friday evening, it will be my honor to introduce Dick Eastman at his "Dinner with Dick". Two of my three daughters are coming to help mind my vendor tables. And I am personally looking forward to a decided LACK OF SNOW in this region of southern Utah.

I sure hope to see many of you there. With over 101 classes and a great mix of experienced instructors, this is THE genealogy place to be this weekend. The Keynote and vendors' area are free to the public, but if you want to take in various classes, you'll have to sign up for $50 total at the door for the 2-day event.

-- Keynote: Genealogy Research 2006: Why THIS Will Be Your Breakthrough Year
-- Women are From Venus: Finding Female Ancestors
-- Medical Practices of the US Revolutionary and Civil Wars
-- RootsMagic: Have Your Genealogy & Share it Too

My column and podcast should resume next week, if ol' Myrt's voice holds out.
Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
DearMYRTLE, your friend in genealogy

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