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READERS' FEEDBACK: Preservation, Attributes & Valentines

-- 2006 St. George Jamboree
-- Document Preservation
-- Great expectations: Not a worthwhile genealogy attribute
-- Never give up
-- Unreliable records
-- Valentine Dittman
-- Valentine Hollingsworth

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From: Art Lassagne GOLDBUG@aol.com
It was a pleasure seeing you again, however briefly. Most of us vendors were so busy that there was little time to visit. -- I have to agree that the Jamboree was a great success. Most of the planning and execution was the work of four women: Holly Hansen, Bridget Cook, Janie Anderson, and Kimberly Savage. I can't say enough about what an amazing job they did.

THANK-YOU for reminding ol' Myrt to use her manners and thank our hostesses. Indeed the MyAncestorsFound.com women did a marvelous job pulling this huge seminar together. They are planning one in the fall in Cheyenne, Wyoming, too!

For my readers who would like to find our about Art Lassange's super-fantastic AniMap, visit his website: http://www.goldbug.com/
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RE: http://www.dearmyrtle.com/06/0206.htm
From: Karen Stuart
Lots of good information here: http://www.loc.gov/preserv/

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Not a worthwhile genealogy attribute
From: .... valentine53179
Regarding the dump of diary names -- it could be that the person asking is a seller as in EBAY seller and would rather mover the book to family before selling it to another location where it could be hidden again for a billion jazillion years.

I could spend the day, every day, posting the eBay info that sellers have found and attach to their sales but limit myself only to those areas where I am on a list. And I do clip and send the info and the link whenever possible. At least then someone in the future could see that:
-- one, such a book /thing existed
-- and two some of the information that was contained therein

I myself would be thrilled to find just a single one of these tidbits, but I trust now, since I have looked for so long to no avail, that I will not.

I just don't think that [the Vermont list poster] is looking for the research to be done and is instead, putting out beacons. Now, where they are putting it might be questionable, but at least they are PUTTING it somewhere that is searchable.

From: RMcfa45544@aol.com
After 50 years I have not given up. I am finding everything I need on the kids, but I can not find the two sets of grandparents I have been looking for. Fred.

RE: http://www.dearmyrtle.com/06/0120.htm
From: CJK1043@aol.com
CENSUS - I have seen on a census where a step child is listed as the children of the step-father. I came across this on 1920 census for my father-in-law. He was listed as son of his step-father (even had his last name the same as his step-father) But then in 1930 my father-in-law is found with his real last name. This census shows him [correctly] as the step son.

DEATH CERTIFICATE - From the death certificate of my great-grandfather, it lists him as born in New York. There is nothing in regards as to who gave the information, but all other records state he was born in SC.

BIBLE RECORDS - I have seen mistakes in old bible records as well.

Sad to say , but there are very few records that can be reliable. My own birth record is not correct, as far as the spelling of my 1st name.

From: Dittmar, Frederick M.
I’m playing catch up with your radio programs. http://www.dearmyrtle.com/listen.htm I listened to the Nov 22 program yesterday about Pilmouth Plantation. Brought back a lot of memories as I’m from Plymouth and my mother made costumes for years (1940s – 1950s) for those in the old homes, the lecturers at the Rock and on the Mayflower. She became involved in 1921. See my home page for a photo: http://frederick.dittmar.org One of those white stones up the hill is a Valentine DITTMAN one of several spellings with Elisebeth DITMER his mother that came through Castle Garden.

I see by scrolling down on your home page that a 1921 "PILGRIM PROGRESS" photo taken at Plymouth, Massachusetts shows a lady in light color dress. She is your mother Beatrice Edwina Canning Dittmar. So you see, Fred, documenting the lives of ancestors is in your genes!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. I am a descendant of another Valentine -- the Pennsylvania Quaker known as Valentine Hollingsworth.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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