Friday, March 03, 2006

Numbering systems: FTM and LFT

Regarding numbering systems that are done automatically, I was so disappointed in Family Tree Maker (FTM) 6 because there is no such system that I could find. (I had had years of successful work with Brother's Keeper which automatically assigned a person's number, in addition to the Ahnentafel number that you described.)

The main reason I like the automatic numbering system for people (not events like marriages, deaths) is that I could differentiate by their numbers between two or more people of the same name. It made it faster when I wanted a certain man and had to merely type in his number to pull him up on the screen. That way, I rarely had problems with adding wife or children to the wrong man. -- Just another way to judge a genealogy program.

Thanks for explaining
how the lack of a RIN (as in Record ID Number in PAF Personal Ancestral File) in FTM impacts your data entry.

With regards to Legacy Family Tree (LFT) our friend Geoff Rasmussen recently posted "
Understanding Genealogy Numbering Systems, A question about genealogy numbering systems was recently posted to the online Legacy User Group: What is the difference between Register & Modified Register Reports?

When printing a descendant book from Legacy, there are two possible formats - Modified Register, and Register. These options are found on the Descendant Book Report Options screen."
For more info see the full article:

Please note that Legacy's descendant charts also have different numbering systems from which to choose:

Generation numbers
Henry numbers
d'Aboville numbers
de Villiers numbers

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