Saturday, March 25, 2006

RootsMagic, Personal Historian & FHCs

Ol' Myrt just received an email from Bruce over at He picked up on our recent discussion about placing databases on our flash drives to read at local Family History Centers or the Family History Library.

Subject: RootsMagic and FHCsFrom: Bruce, creator of RootsMagic
I didn't know if you knew this (after reading the most recent entry in your blog), but RootsMagic also offers a free unlimited license to all FHCs to install both RootsMagic and Personal Historian on their center computers. They just need to visit:
to request their free copies for their centers.

So DearREADERS, this means that the following programs can and should be available on your local Family History Center computer (in alpha order)

-- Legacy Family Tree
-- PAF Personal Ancestral File
-- Personal Historian
-- RootsMagic

Being able to check our genealogy database files facilitates our recollection of ancestral relationships. Isn't it always someone's sibling that is the famous one, not our particular progenitor?

THANKS for keeping me up to date on these offers, gang. I think this is a smart idea for the software producers. It give others a chance to demo the program, and decide if it is one to change over to. It also makes it easier for genealogy computer users groups to teach the use of each software program.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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