Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Finding LIVE people

From: Tara
I am looking for my Auntie Margaret May Franklin. She moved to the US in 1955 and I know she has a daughter called Fareces Grace Lord and that's about it. Can anyone help?

It is normally the province of genealogists to find documents proving relationship to deceased ancestors. The records of deceased individuals are less likely to be protected by "right to privacy" rules of 75 years or so. Adoption research is the one exception, since the birth parent and/or child may register with reunion services and hire the services of adoption intermediaries to work through the info from the original court adoption file to effectuate the reunion.

Locating live persons is a different game, and would commonly be called skip-tracing if we were employees of a collection agency. Without a Social Security Number, your efforts will be more difficult particularly when the person you seek is a woman. If she is still living, she may be be living with her husband and things may be in his name.

If you knew which state in the US your Auntie Margaret May lived, you could pray she has a listed telephone number in her name and find her in any of the online telephone directory services such as:

-- Yahoo People Finder

If you knew her port of entry, you could look at passenger arrival records to learn a little more about her. has a website to assist you with locating lost loved ones. You'll find it at:

FOR FURTHER READING:There are several great books on the topic. Ol' Myrt has the first two, but the third comes highly recommended.

-- Culligan, Joseph. You Can Find Anybody! (2000.) Jodere Group. ISBN: 1588720004.

-- Tillman, Norma. How to Find Almost Anyone, Anywhere, Revised and Updated Edition. (1998) Rutledge Hill Press; ISBN: 1558536574.

-- Johnson, Richard S, and Debra Johnson Knox. Find Anyone Fast. (1997) Military Information Enterprises. ISBN: 1877639303.
See also:

-- Skip Tracing 101

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