Friday, April 21, 2006

Meitzler new Managing Editor at Everton

NOTE: This just in from Leland Meitzler. All inquiries should be addressed to him through his blog:

Meitzler new Managing Editor at Everton
from Leland Meitzler

As the readers of this blog know, a couple of months ago, after 3 years of heavy losses, I finally had to give up on Heritage Creations. The last few weeks have been spent with paperwork - lots of paperwork. Not fun…

I am happy that today I can announce that I’m signing a contract with Genealogy Online, Inc., dba Everton Publishers, to act as Managing Editor for “The Genealogical Helper.” The Helper was my only competition in the magazine business for many years. Now, 20 years later, Heritage Quest Magazine (in name) is gone, and I’m about to control the content of my former competitor and a genealogical publication that’s been around for nearly 60 years - three times as long as Heritage Quest Magazine. I plan to blend the best aspects of Heritage Quest Magazine content along with those of The Genealogical Helper. The first issue with my name on it will be that for July/August 2006.
The folks at Everton have agreed to “honor subscriptions and committed ads for the issues of Heritage Quest Magazinethat were not published.” That is a relief for me, as I am assured that at least part of my obligations will be fulfilled - not quite as we had all planned, but I firmly believe that folks will like what we have in store for them!

Patty and I want to thank all of you for your cards, letters, gifts and emails of support during this trying time in our lives. They have helped to make life a bit more bearable. I also want to thank Walt Fuller, publisher at Evertons, for giving me this opportunity. I don’t know that I deserved it, but I won’t let him down.

Leland K. Meitzler
Following is the announcement that
Walt sent out this morning:

Dear Family History Researcher:
I have both sad news…and very exciting news!

The sad news is that Holly Hansen is leaving as Editor-in-Chief of the Genealogical Helper, and we wish her only the best as she devotes her considerable energy to further developing her own company, My Ancestors Found, while hopefully having a bit more time to spend with her family.

After a year of intense negotiations with the City of Logan and the former owners or Family History Network, which resulted in the Everton Library being donated to the City and Everton Publishers becoming operational, Holly was one of the first people we called to get the Genealogical Helper up and running. She responded beautifully, did an exemplary job for this magazine, and without her experience, skill and dedicated hard work, the Helper would not have been able to make the successful comeback it has. Again, thank you, Holly, and good luck. We are deeply appreciative of all you have contributed.

And now for the exciting news! Leland Meitzler is joining Everton Publishers as the Managing Editor of the Genealogical Helper. Unless you started your involvement with family history research only yesterday…Leland will likely need no introduction. He is one of the true giants…and founders…of the modern genealogy industry, and he brings a wealth of skills and years of experience to Everton. He will also produce Everton’s Newsline and write a daily blog. We could not be more pleased to have him on board. The Helper is in excellent hands!

In honor of Leland joining us, and following his wishes, we will honor subscriptions and committed ads for the issues of Heritage Quest that were not published. If you know anyone who might wish to take advantage of this offer, please have them call us at 800 443-6325 or 435 752-6022. Going forward, the Genealogical Helper will contain the best of both magazines and include an exciting, major new feature section on Genealogy, Technology, and the Web.

These are very good times at Everton! As always, we will continue striving to offer you only the best in a range of publications, products and services essential for family history researchers…and at reasonable prices.

Walter Fuller
President and Publisher

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