Saturday, April 01, 2006

READERS' FEEDBACK: Copies, PE and podcast woes

-- Copies of old documents
-- Passage Express available to FHCs
-- Podcast woes

From: Sallie Belperche
I was so glad to see someone else who'd rather copy documents while at a facility, and wait until they're home to input the data. I spent a week in February at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. I would not have been able to accomplish a fraction of what I did if I'd spent time entering it into my database. Besides, I'd have had to spend time translating from French! This also means I didn't lug my laptop from Florida to Utah. I can't imagine not making copies of all pertinent documents. I've had to go back and re-read a document on many occasions. What if I didn't have the document?

From: Mason Woodson
A very interesting article in Washington Post about Cemeteries in TN..

More Family Cemeteries Dying Away in the South
As Rural Land is Developed, Ancestral Graves are Relocated, Bulldozed orEncircled by Construction

I was recently in Bradenton as I have a brother not far from you out near Cortez and made the Craft and Food fair there, weather was beautiful.

From: DearMYRTLE
Among responses to a recent series of articles about software that can be installed on FHC computers on a complimentary basis, Passage Express came up. Is there such an offer? Just thought I'd check the factsbefore writing a follow-up column with reader input.

Yes, we do offer that. If the FHC or Library just sends us some information, they can go ahead and load it on their computers, fully licensed. We just need to know the name of the FHC or Library, identifying FHC number (if applicable), contact person, email and telephone number. They can download the software and we will send them a license to the email they provided.

From: Renee Gencur
I love listening to your podcast as I drive to work, but I am having trouble updating your podcast in iTunes, apparently due to "downtime or capacity problems". I also don't seem to be able to download the complete version through your mp3 links. Do you have any suggestions for getting around these problems?

THANK-you for taking the time to describe the situation you are experiencing. Ol' Myrt here uploads the podcast files to, and is the entity that sends out the media RSS feed to iTunes. For the message you are receiving, it would appear that the bottle-neck occurs between OurMedia and iTunes, and that things quite simply "time out." There are some alternatives:

-- Attempt to obtain the file through iTunes at a different hour.

-- Go to, and click on the show page, and elect to manually download the file from the two links I provide for each show, including
---- a direct link to's copy of my file.
---- a direct link to's copy of my file.

Fortunately both services file storage, and OurMedia also provides bandwidth, so that I can afford to distribute the podcast.

However, I should mention that I haven't been doing the podcast on a truly weekly basis since I've been here in Utah, so it is entirely possible that you are trying to update, thinking there is a new podcast, when there isn't a new one available. For instance this week I am up in Seattle helping my dad and stepmother make decisions about better care than can be provided at home at their advanced age.

These past six months have been both a joy and a challenge, as I know they have been for many of my readers as well.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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