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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Reality & Life in general

Heavens to Betsey! What a year! Ol' Myrt wants to catch you up on the latest news. I still wish to snowbird between Florida and Utah, but that plan willneed to wait a few months before coming into play.

Now that my daughter Carrie has sufficiently recovered from her car accident and is better able to carry on with her young household, I am moving toSeattle for a month or two. I need to visit with my siblings and figure out just what is best for our rapidly aging parents. Yes, I was just there for two weeks, but I came back to SLC for a short visit to give a speech and to attend my sister's wedding.

Tomorrow I head out, driving up with the accumulation of "stuff" one collects when living so near the Family HistoryLibrary in SLC. How very unlike my immigrant ancestors who carried only a small satchel of belongings before sailing across the Atlantic to the new world in the late 1600s and early 1700s.

Since September, it has been one thing after another with life-changing events for my extended family. I am still holding my own, but am sad that I haven't been able to consistently record DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour podcasts as I would like. Fortunately I was able to complete JOY OF GENEALOGY, but I haven't made any progress on my "Beginning Genealogy Lessons" in .mp3 format.

Even with all these adjustments, the past many months have been a true blessing in my life, as I have been able to spend considerable time with myfamily. This is a great thing to have close family ties, since love and support of family and friends are about all we take with us when we leave this world.

Some of the experiences have been bitter-sweet, and I have discussed with my dear readers a bit of the bare essentials, because it is hard for Ol' Myrtto separate "DearMYRTLE" from my personal life. I think by now, all y'all know how that nom de plume alter-ego has taken over my life!

Two professional genealogists have called me on the carpet for being so "personal" with my readers and listeners. However, I know of no other way tobe forthcoming. It isn't my intention to hide behind a podium. I prefer rolling up our collective sleeves and getting the research process going.

I feel that being real and approachable will make it easier for you to voice your research questions, and easier still to take advice from this ol' gal. I am also learning that the more I get into this, the less I really know. It is our collective thinking that provides insight to successful family history research.

I have considered taking a break or discontinuing DearMYRTLE all together. After all, it has been 11 years. But then, what would I do in my spare time?Ol' Myrt here would miss your email stories of research quandaries and successes, and I do so love keeping on top of the genealogy news, interviewing authors, giving lectures, visiting with your local genealogy societies, etc.

So my purpose in writing is to let you know that despite the sporadic delivery of DearMYRTLE content, ol' Myrt here plans to keep working on:

-- regular columns (via blog, email list, message board and my website)

-- weekly DearMYRTLE's FAMILY HISTORY HOUR podcasts (you don't need an iPod to listen, just a computer with the speakers turned up.)

When things get on a more even keel, I can think about:
-- the Beginning Genealogy Lessons on CD
-- JOY OF GENEALOGY: African American Roots
-- JOY OF GENEALOGY: Germanic Roots
-- JOY OF GENEALOGY: Sharing your family history

Thank-you for your support and positive feedback. From your personal emails, I've learned that many of you have gone through some of these difficultchallenges as well, so you know where I am coming from. It appears that at this stage in Ol' Myrt's life adaptability is the name of the game, eh?

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
DearMYRTLE,Your friend in genealogy.

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