Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The younger generation

In going through my step-mother's papers, my niece found wedding notes kept by Gramma, who was the mother of the groom. With my niece's own wedding so fresh in her mind, this treasure trove about her parent's wedding was a delight and includes things like:

-- Little receipts for table cloths and candles
-- Lists with most items checked off
-- A few diary-type entries on slips of papers
-- Photos (not yet labeled)
-- Invitations & a few unused thank-you cards

On my return from touring the proposed skilled nursing facility for my step-mother, Ash could hardly wait to share her excitement about the treasures she has found. This sweet gal is a young mother, and oddly enough this past weekend she and I poured over her wedding pictures and reminisced about her special day. She and her husband have been the principle care givers in my parent's household these past few months.
My niece is feeling a sense of contact with history -- and she even called it genealogy.

Among the items were informal "instant" Polaroid snapshots, which have faded and discolored over the past 30 years. Scanning to preserve these images is well within my niece's capability. So, it looks like the family history torch has been passed to the younger generation on this side of the family.

Ol' Myrt is thankful for these traces of happier days which serve as a breath of fresh air during this difficult time of transition. As many readers have experienced assuming leadership roles, deciding about advanced care of a spouse or parents, you know what my siblings and I are going through. It is an understatement to say it is hard to switch parent-child roles with one's own parents. Your thoughts and kind emails have been a great support.

I am looking forward to a brief return to Salt Lake for my sister's wedding, and to speak Saturday at the Utah Valley PAF Users Group on the subject of "Getting from indexes to original documents."

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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