Sunday, June 18, 2006

ACROSS MY DESK: Heirs should sift slowly through attic

By Gayle White
Cox News Service

[...] A bookcase in the living room is filled with the books the major's daughter, May Speer Ansley, put there as she read them with the Woman's Literary Club she founded in 1897. They are shelved in the same order she left them -and the club still meets.

Just keeping the family belongings is not enough, Kinnamon says. The desk, sideboard, silver, bookcase and books will lose their meaning if his two sons don't know who owned them.
Even if the two boys one day open up an antique shop with their inheritance, they will know their family's history.

Ultimately, Kinnamon says, when it comes to sentimental value, it's the stories that matter.

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