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AROSS MY DESK: New Progeny Genealogy Site

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From: Progeny Software
Subject: New Progeny Genealogy Site!

June 12, 2006
Dear Genealogists & Family Historians,

We've launched a new website for our genealogy products and to celebrate, we're offering some great deals!

Please bookmark our new site and buy Genelines, Charting Companion, World Place Advisor, World Place Finder or GEDmark on sale!

Download versions are $5.00 off and we're offering free shipping on any CD-ROM version of these products.

Meanwhile our former site,, will be redesigned as our corporate website to introduce visitors to all areas of Progeny Software's business. In addition to offering quality genealogy software and research tools, Progeny Software also produces products for visual analysis and presentations. Our newest product announced is Timeline Maker Professional.

Visit our new Progeny Genealogy site,, and choose from any of these products below to receive $5.00 off downloads or get free shipping on CD-ROM versions. This offer expires June 30, 2006 so order your genealogy products today!

** Genelines **
Genelines is one of the most powerful research and storytelling tools available to anyone researching their family tree. Genelines features a suite of seven different timeline chart formats, consisting of two BIOGRAPHICAL and five RELATIONSHIP charts.
Each of these seven charts can be customized according to: timeline, historical events, personal or family events, colors and fonts.

- Genelines 2.0 Universal Edition

- Genelines 2.0 for Legacy

- Genelines 2.0 for Ancestral Quest

** Charting Companion **
Whether your database contains a handful of people or thousands of ancestors and descendants, Charting Companion gives you the tools to quickly find individuals, view their family information, navigate through their tree and print great looking color charts.

With 12 different charts and reports to choose from, you can create a variety of traditional genealogy charts and reports, such as the Ancestor and Descendant chart and the Fan and Hourglass chart. Or you can create newer style charts such as the Bow Tie Chart and see your family in a whole new way!

- Legacy Charting Companion

- Ancestral Quest Charting Companion

We also have produced versions for Family Tree Maker and Personal Ancestral File - visit to see how you can order these versions.

** World Place Advisor **
World Place Advisor has a gazetteer, or database, of OVER 3.3 Million place names from around the WORLD, plus US churches and cemeteries. The program uses this database to automatically check your genealogy files for place name typos, missing counties and other inaccuracies.
Latitude and longitude reference points are offered for each place name in the gazetteer. Use these latitude and longitude points to manually find its location on a map or use the built in link to and find its location instantly! Due to the very large gazetteer contained in the program, World Place Advisor is available on CD-ROM only.


** World Place Finder **
With World Place Finder you will be able to look-up towns and cities, counties, countries and even US Cemeteries and Churches. It will give you the correct spelling of the place you are looking for as well as the correct format for research presentation. Not only that, World Place Finder will also give you the exact latitude and longitude of the place you are looking for so you can easily find it on a map! You could use your own map to see where your ancestors lived, or you can use the handy built-in link to Too large to download from the Internet, this gazetteer is available only on CD-ROM.

** GEDmark **
Just as a trademark secures ownership of a product, GEDmark places the author's stamp of ownership on every individual in a genealogy file. This means that even when data is incorporated into other family files or online databases, the author information goes with it.
By running your GEDCOM file through GEDmark, you are able to place author information on each individual in that file. This insures that no matter how many times your GEDCOM file is split, imported, exported or submitted, your authorship of the research is protected.

Again, welcome to our new Progeny Genealogy site!
Remember to change your browser's Favorites settings and Bookmarks to this new URL. Also, if you have a link set to this site, please change that setting as well. Visit our new Progeny Genealogy site,, and receive $5.00 off any Downloadable product OR receive free shipping on CD-ROM versions of Genelines, Charting Companion, World Place Advisor, World Place Finder or GEDmark. Offer is available only until June 30, 2006.

Stephanie Preston

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