Friday, June 16, 2006

Civil War Notes & Diaries

From: Elmer Compton

RE: Leave a legacy -- tell your story

Your e-mail talked about personal diaries and letters from people of the US Civil War. The War was personalized for me in my grandfather's notes and diaries. He was born near Hillsborough in Orange County, North Carolina, and was eight years old when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in early November 1860. My great-grandfather, who did not own land or slaves, knew the Civil War was coming, so he and his family caught a train to Mitchell, Indiana where they arrived Dec 1, 1860.

My great-grandfather later joined the 13th Indiana Calvary and received $300 to enlist and was paid $13 per month. He contacted chronic dysentery and received a pension of $8 per month until he died in 1895.

My grandfather's grandmother came to Indiana in the fall of 1865, bringing a "great deal" of Confederate money with her, which proved to be worthless.

Amazing! You have been blessed with treasures providing a window to the past. How fortunate these notes and diaries have survived.

Please make a photocopy of everything, including the gentleman's pension file and photo then submit them to the US Army Military History Institute in Carlisle Pennsylvania, so that the information can be filed under the 13th Indiana Calvary. Your grandfather's insights about his father's military service would benefit descendents of others who served in the same unit. If you have a picture of the soldier in uniform, they can add it to the collection of military photos.

You could also self-publish or possibly create a website with the information and a few scanned images of these very precious documents. Contact the Indiana GenWeb coordinator to see what they can do to help, since they have free space and love donations of this sort.

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