Sunday, June 18, 2006

Question about Heritage Quest
& Chickasaw & Howard Counties, Iowa CDs

From: Barbara Garrett

I am trying to find if any of the Heritage Quest CDs that one could order from at are still available for sale, for example: advertised in last year's HQ magazine there are several CDs the History of Chickasaw and Howard Counties, Iowa. Item HC1339. I have tried this website with no luck. Since the [Leland Meitzler] editor in chief of Heritage Quest has now come to Evertons, I thought you might be able to tell me where we can get them.

Barbara Garrett
Resource Director,
Welsh American Genealogy Society,

PS - By the way, I love reading your newsy site. Just started up but I'm grateful for the information.


What's the official word on this sort of question? I'd like to do a small article on this for my website/blog.

From: Leland Meitzler

I bought and sold all kinds of genealogy related items. Many of these items I happened to run across in my travels. In the case mentioned by Barbara, this Iowa CD-ROM is one of an ever-expanding collection of Iowa CDs being produced by my friend, Don Lawse. Following is his website address:

Don is one of many small-business people who make a few extra dollars from their hobby - producing a good product with minimal overhead. If only I had had the sense to do the same...

THAT sure was a quick and informative answer from Leland. Indeed his former website is no longer operational. But it looks like you'll be able to obtain the CDs in question directly from Don Lawse's website:

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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