Thursday, August 31, 2006

This & That 31 Aug 2006

From: Mary
Did you blow away in a Florida hurricane or fall into the Puget Sound? I look for a letter every day but can't find you anymore. Please let your faithful readers know what's happened to you.

Thank-you for missing Ol' Myrt here. There have been a lot of in and out of the hospital with my parents. Today is a better day, and I have been pouring through an incredible backlog of email.

-- Family Oral History Podcast
-- Old Letters & Photos
-- Northern Utah
-- OGDEN, UTAH 6-7 October 2006
Northern Utah Genealogy Conference & Symposium
-- Cheyenne, WY 20-21 October 2006
Cheyenne Genealogy & Family Heritage Jamboree
-- Google Books

From: Juliann
I've just stumbled on to a podcast about Family Oral History, part of a great website about using digital technology to record oral history. The website is thus:

From: Ray DearMYRTLE,
I met you at the PAF users group in Provo Utah earlier this year. I have since received an iPod and am trying to get ALL your old podcasts. You are truly marvelous and I so much enjoy my drive to work, lunch hours, evening at home with Dear Ol' Myrt.

Today I listened to an interview of the lady who got 400 letters from her dad. I have to tell you a quick story.

Last year I attend the Pollmann reunion in McCook, Nebraska. I have not been back to my father’s birth place for over 40 years. (My father passed away in 1971.) I got acquainted with my Great Aunts, and others.

Well I digress…

I went back to my great-grandfather's old home out in the country near McCook.
And low and behold (and I think with the guidance of the Spirit, I know you know what I mean) I found over 50 personal hand written letter (all in German) from the family in Germany to the family here in America.. The date back to as early as 1894. Talks about the war, daily life, well all the things that letters are made of.

It took the past year both time & $ to have them transcribed and translated into English. I go next week to share these letters with the family at this year’s reunion.

What a find! Gaps filled, tears shed, my life changed forever. You just never know what is up in the attic. Please tell your listeners to be sure and check everywhere they can.

ALSO, found over 75 photos most with no names what a shame, but we will see what we can do next week. My Aunts all three in their 90s are just not able to put the names and faces together.

More lessons from you & Put the letters and photo in the correct type of folders and acid free sheets, and archive boxes.

THANKS to YOU! I hope to see you in Ogden in Oct, and I may bring a few others with me. I so much appreciate what you are doing. and the help you have given me daily for the past months. You have come at a time in my life when I needed your help. Thanks again. I am climbing the tree almost every day. I wish we had time to chat some day. I have loved this work for over 40 years and am still learning.

I hope your family concerns and health issues end up being a blessing to you. God Bless you. Best regards, Ray

OGDEN, UTAH 6-7 October 2006
Northern Utah Genealogy Conference & Symposium

Just to let you, Ray, and the others know, Ol' Myrt WILL be at the Eccles Conference Center in Ogden, UT, 6-7 October 2006 at the Northern Utah Genealogy Conference & Symposium, sponsored by My Ancestors Found and the Ogden (Utah) Regional Family History Center.

I'm honored to be the dinner speaker with a doozy of a brand new presentation called FINALLY GET ORGANIZED. My topics during the conference will also include:

-- JOY OF GENEALOGY: Documentation & Evaluation
-- RootsMagic: Have you genealogy & SHARE it too!

To register:

CHEYENNE, WY 20-21 October 2006
Cheyenne Genealogy & Family Heritage Jamboree

Ol' Myrt will also be in Wyoming 20-21 October 2006 at the Cheyenne Genealogy & Family Heritage Jamboree, also sponsored by, and my topics are:

-- Keynote: Our Charge as Family Historians
-- Women are from Venus: Finding Female Ancestors
-- RootsMagic: Have you genealogy & SHARE it too!
-- Getting from an Index to the Original Document

To register:

You may have heard about this on the national news. Our friends at Google have been scanning out-of-print books for your review (free, of course).

Check it out at:


Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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