Friday, September 08, 2006

ACROSS MY DESK: Family Atlas

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As we mentioned in last month's newsletter, we will be releasing a new product called Family Atlas later this month. We promised more details in this month's newsletter, so here they are...

Family Atlas makes creating custom family maps fun and easy. You start with a map of the world that you can scroll or zoom in and out of. You can choose from spherical (like a globe you can spin), or flat maps like Cartesian or Mercator. As you zoom in you will see more detail (like state and county boundaries).

You can add your own sets of custom markers to the map. Family Atlas lets you import your family data directly from RootsMagic or other programs, and then create markers based on that data. For example, you could create a red triangle marker for places where your direct ancestors were born, or a green circle where anyone with the surname Jones was buried. Markers make it easy to visually see migrations or clusters in your family data. You can create unlimited sets of markers which can be hidden or displayed with a simple checkbox.

Family Atlas also lets you add sets of markers by hand, meaning you can create maps even without importing your genealogy data. So you can create custom sets of markers like "Civil War Battles" or "Places Where John Doe Lived". You can use both hand entered and data-based markers on the same map.

When places are imported or entered by hand, Family Atlas automatically geocodes the place by matching it against the 3.5 million name world place database included with Family Atlas.
Of course, Family Atlas will also let you publish your maps, adding annotations and other items.

You can print your maps, or save them to PDF or other popular graphics formats.

We are excited about this new program, and will be offering an introductory price as soon as it is released. If you are subscribed and receiving this newsletter you will be notified as soon as Family Atlas begins shipping. Or you can visit:
which will be updated with more details as we get closer to release.

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