Saturday, September 02, 2006

New Mailing List software causes mix-up

From: Carol Bentley
The past two days I have been receiving emails to and from other people regarding a Frank somebody [on DearMYRTLE-L).

I have not requested any information about this person and I don't know who he is. From some of the emails I have received, other people (other than the one who asked for information) have been receiving the same emails.

Is there something a miss in your email program?

I thought you might want to know about this mix-up.

RootsWeb recently changed the "behind the scenes" software that controls their 29,000+ genealogy mailing lists. The settings for my DearMYRTLE mailing list (like Cyndi Howells' list) varies from the norm in that I am the only one allowed to make postings to my mailing list. I imagine when our friends at RootsWeb/Ancestry made the change over to the new software, that by default they created the settings to allow subscribers of a mailing list to make postings to that list.

I didn't realize that I needed to go in to DearMYRTLE-L's admin page to turn off that "everyone can post" option. That change was made early this morning. This should make it so only postings I send to the list will broadcast to all my subscribers.

Now I have to consider the interface with my RootsWeb DearMYRTLE message board. Not yet sure if the problem will persist.

Hopefully the action I've taken will put an end to those private postings going on back and forth between 2 individuals AND simultaneously cross posting to DearMYRTLE-L.

This problem is not being experienced by the subscribers to my BLOG.

This is the page that explains the process for subscribing & unsubscribing to both my BLOG and my RootsWeb mailing list:

The info is the same, but I think that the BLOG works better since it circumvents our email boxes.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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