Monday, October 16, 2006

Calculating birth or death dates

We use a site at work that I feel would be very useful for genealogy. (At work we use it to calculate the number of days a civil service person was on leave to adjust their adjusted anniversary date.) In regards to genealogy, you may have documents that show the persons age at their death, and include the months and days since their last birthday, but no where can you find the BIRTH date. Or visa-versa, you may have a birth date with months and days since their birthday, but no date of DEATH.

Since all months do not have the same number of days this handy little site calculates the dates for you, giving you either the date of death or birth depending on how you use it. The site has many different calendars and calendar-calculators which you may find useful in your other-life away from genealogy. Ha ha!

I enjoy your newsletter so much and have gotten so many good tips from it; I thought this would be a good tip/site to share.

Go to the DATE CALCULATOR which can calculate the birth date.

1. In the "Enter date to add or subtract from" fields, enter the death date.

2. In the "Add or subtract..." fields, choose "Subtract" and enter the age at death in the Years, Months, Days fields.

3. Click "Calculate new date!"

4. The Birth date will be listed after "Resulting date:" on the following page.

I also love the "WHICH DAY OF WEEK A DATE IS/WAS" option. Thanks for the heads up.

Happy family tree climbing!
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