Monday, October 30, 2006

Coordinating genealogy research tasks

Coordinating genealogy research tasks

Ol' Myrt has had on her genealogy "thinking cap" lately. I know it's a
shock, but I've come up with a good alternative to email. While this program
was originally designed to coordinate efforts in the workplace, such a tool
would help genealogists who need help:

-- coordinating research tasks
-- setting deadline goals
-- providing opportunity for feedback
-- receiving and distributing automatic reminders of upcoming deadlines
-- allowing visual report of % of task finished
-- planning a research trip to Salt Lake City with seven other participants
-- preparing for that upcoming wedding

Set your browser to and check it out.

From the site: " is a free, online, web-based team project
management application that you use with your web browser.
The methodology, implementation and interface are kept simple to insure that
the focus is on managing projects rather than learning a new system."

PC Magazine highly recommends this website: "Among the more than one-hundred
Web-based project management applications available, most have far more
features (read: are far more complex) than what's requested. iTeamwork
(free) is one of the more bare-bones project management programs and should
work well for this reader's application.

Getting started with iTeamwork couldn't be easier. You go to and sign up as a project member. A minimal amount of
personal information is required (name, e-mail address), and it's protected
by a clear privacy policy.

The first step after signing on is to create a project. This requires little
more than a name for the project and a target completion date. There are no
limits on the number of projects, tasks, or project members. Once a project
is entered, members can add tasks, which may include notes for description.
During the course of the project, tasks can be marked for percentage of
completion and modified or deleted as needed."

This would be just the site to help:
-- coordinate genealogical research among distant cousins
-- prepare for your society's annual genealogy seminar
-- keep track of the progress of your by-laws rewrite committee
-- facilitate an Eagle Scout project to clean up the local cemetery
-- process the tasks for completing your society's new website

--'s Overview - where you will find topics including:
Add Project
Add Task
Adding Notes
Percentage Complete
Complete a Task
Reassign a Task
Changing Dates
Converting a Task to a Project
Manage Team Members
Delete a Project
Delete a Task
View Task Summary
View Open Tasks
View Assigned Tasks
Daily E-mails

Members of your team sign-in to the website from any computer with internet
access. Each participant has a unique user name and password, and is allowed
access to the tasks you specify as the moderator. If there is a change in
leadership, reviewing all past communications and assignments is a SNAP,
since the data is stored online, and ISN'T BURIED IN SOMEONE'S OLD EMAIL
BOX, on a computer with a dead hard drive.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)

Snail Mail Address:
227 Bellevue Way NE PMB 544
Bellevue, WA 98004

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