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DNA and finding the parents

DNA and finding the parents

From: SondraT375
I have hit a brick wall searching for my husband's grandfather, William
James TAYLOR. We are contemplating a DNA search but want to get the most
"bang for our buck." Can you suggest a strategy to find a reliable DNA
project to follow and do you know if once you have a DNA result, can you
search other databases for a match? Thanks.

The simplistic answer is that DNA tests can provide likelihood of
parent/child relationships, but CANNOT PROVIDE THE NAME of the parent. You
would need DNA from both the grandfather and the great-grandfather to prove

So, you'll have to do the research the old-fashioned way. Find grandfather's
obit, then death record for reference to his age and birth place (perhaps
also clues to parent names.) Then work the angle of the birth record. Find
him on US federal census records at:
-- (usually free through your local LDS Family
History Center)
-- HeritageQuest Online (through local libraries)


-- United States Research Outline (also for individual states, Canadian
provinces, and major countries and regions of the world. There are also
specialty research outlines on such topics as Jewish, African American, and
early LDS ancestry; in addition to Hamburg Passenger Lists, Norwegian
genealogy words, Hiring a professional genealogist, Ireland's Householders'
index, etc.)

-- SMGF Updates online DNA database
-- DNA Swab & DNA Analysis

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)

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